I really like Kevin Lynagh's list of open ideas, and in that spirit it might be useful to list a few of my own. Kevin says it best:

Please let know me if:

  • you'd be interested in using/testing any these
  • you know of an existing solution to any of these
  • you have suggestions/pointers about a relevant technique/approach
  • you'd be interested in collaborating

Always happy to talk —

Products and Services

Speech to Text Book Notes

I read a lot and want to remember (and synthesize) what I've read/incorporate it into my personal notes. More on ways I've tried to do this.

Basically, while reading a book on my Kindle, I want a low friction way to take short, speech to text audio notes that are tied back to my book and location. When I'm done, I want to be able to export all these to plain text to deal with later. These are just reminders, so high fidelity isn't critical.

Subset of Beeminder for digital distraction

Beeminder is a tool that helps you achieve your goals by charging you an ever-increasing amount money when you don't. It's very effective for certain types of people, with many calling it life changing, etc.

I've used Beeminder and mostly like it, but have a few issues (some with Beeminder, one with human nature) that make me think the following could be a good idea.

A Beeminder type like service that:

  • only looks at digital distraction type goals (limited time on Instagram, not using phone after 7 pm)
  • costs a flat monthly fee
  • donates all punishment dollars to charity

In theory, Beeminder can already do this (among other things), it just costs $40 a month + keeps half of any penalties you pay.


Combination vimwiki and vim-journal plugins

I'm a big fan of both vimwiki and vim-journal. The former is a great wiki/note taking system for Vim. The latter is a plugin by junegunn that mainly changes colors based on indentation level, folds at the list level and has a few other minor syntax things. I would pay (and have offered on reddit, fiverr and upwork) someone hundreds of dollars to make this. Barring that, I'm seriously considering learning vimscript to do it myself.